History of Sacred Symbols

 Sacred symbols have metaphorical relationships to the human mind, body, and spirit. Sacred geometry may help those who want to discover more  about themselves and our place in the universe.  This may prepare those who are ready to embark on a spiritual and enlightened journey of their inner consciousness and connect to the higher realms. 

Sacred Geometry is in everything around us and is made from geometric shapes. If we become more aware these shapes hold powerful messages of protection and guidance to heal the body, mind and spirit. Holipatch is designed to guide you through the sacredness of these symbols; a series of geometric shapes with deeper metaphysical meaning. These shapes offer insights into the basis of the world around us, helping us explore the idea that the entire cosmos was created according to a specific geometric plan. Behind the chaos, there is order. This “blueprint” that underlies the structure of everything reveals itself through patterns, frequencies, ratios, and forms across disciplines. Sacred Geometry is just one component in a vast concept of synchronicity. A synchronicity between nature, science, and the physical world.