Activate The Holipatch


Before opening the package:  

Hold the Holipatch package in front of you.

Take 3 deep cleansing breaths to clear your energy centers. In through nose out through mouth. 

Set an intention  Ex: “I am ready to heal this pain” or “I send golden light energy to all my cells“ or "I thank you cells for working so hard, I send you peace.”  (You may use these or set your own.) 

Take your patch out of the package and look at the symbol that you chose. Meditate on it for about a minute or two.  

Place your patch on the pain site that needs healing. If your pain continues remember your patch symbol that you chose and visualize that symbol over your pain site. 

Holipatch is here to guide you and help you release any stagnant negative energy. They are exclusively formulated to heal pain.  You will feel extraordinary shifts and positive transformation. Trust and be gentle with yourself through this journey of healing.   

Any questions our team is here to help.  

You are powerful!