Holipatch introduces THE HOLIPATCH Community September 2021

In an effort to spread the word about different holistic methods and practices, we have created the HOLIPATCH COMMUNITY.  This is a place to share and network with like-minded free thinkers who have meaningful methods to educate others.  We are still looking for all kinds of holistic practitioners and would like to hear from others out there.  We just require that you have some kind of online presence like a website or social media.  Our 1st featured practitioner is PURE SOUL ALCHEMY.  Gabriella Espinosa is a shamanic healer with years of online content on YouTube.  Her methods are transformational and effective.  Be ready to work on making yourself better without trying. Although she has tons of video content, you need only listen to her and fall asleep to witness the effectiveness of these transformations.  The content is extremely diverse, ranging from topics like healing and "Weathering the Storm" to "Clearing Entities", "Success". and "Control".