The Heart Symbol

Today is a great day to commemorate the heart symbol.  This month we are featuring our Heart Healing Pain Patch.  When we see the heart shape we think about love, relationships, and matters of the heart.  A lot of people use it and recognize it in the shape of emoticons.  The origin of the heart can be traced back to Ancient Mediterranean cultures.  Writers and poets wrote about a special spice named Silphium.  This heart-shaped spice had protective properties and was used as an aphrodisiac, seasoning, and contraceptive.  It is believed that this spice was a gift from the Greek God Apollo.  Italian painters also depicted paintings of couples holding this spice that was heart shaped.  Typically the man would be kneeling and offering it to a woman as a gesture of devotion.  


Take a moment and breathe in and out deeply three times.  Ask your heart if it has a message for you.  Does it need acceptance, approval, or attention?  Trust in the answer.


Thank you,



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