Spring time is here....

As we approach the Spring equinox budding flowers come to mind. When something is budding or being birthed there’s a transformation, a change occurring.  When that change happens, there’s probably a surrendering and releasing of the old.  That’s why we would like to introduce to you our FLOWER OF LIFE HOLIPATCH. The Flower of Life Symbol holds within it transformative qualities.  The pattern itself contains ancient values depicting fundamental forms of space and time.  It holds molecular structures that exists in every living plant and creature. This is why we selected this sacred pattern as one of our symbols.  It carries within it very powerful healing vibrational energy.  Its' meaning brings a fresh new start and ignites harmony where there is discord.

If you're feeling pain in an area that feels stagnant and needs revitalization, the Flower of Life Patch can help facilitate a new fresh start to your depleted cells and transform your pain into healing.

Spring forward with ease and love.


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