Fall is a time for reflection.  This season remember to nourish your body with warm foods.  Take deep breaths throughout the day to cleanse all the channels on the inside.  Look within and listen to what your body craves.  Is it soft gentle music, a walk in nature, unplugging from your devices, journaling?  Whatever your thoughts are acknowledge the negative and replace the narrative with positive and gentle ones. Sometimes thoughts keep us down and spiral in directions that aren't healthy. Always know that a professional can help if you think you need it. Metaphysical language that governs the visible and invisible. Flower of life is said to be a symbol of spiritual awakening.  Metatron's Cube is foundational and forms the building blocks of the entire universe. It has the fundamental elements of all physical matter. Sri Yantra is used for contemplation, reflection, and meditation. The symbol serves as a shield against negative energies.  This Season of Autumn we are featuring our Sri Yantra Patch! Only four organic ingredients: Lavender, Peppermint, Orange Peel and Chamomile. The Sri Yantra symbol on the patch is pleasing to the eye and also helps relieve any pain that you are experiencing.  Take it easy and slow down. Think of the saying the tortoise always wins the race.

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